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Objectives and means of action

Wednesday 27 August 2008, by dgue

The Imaginart and Mecen’art groups, born in June 2007, through their designers Katia Venegas and Christophe Reati, are continuing changing.

Let’s listen to their creators :

We decided to carry on our voluntary work on behalf of the artists in a more organized manner, providing an access to the art in its platic, written and musical forms to large numbers.

Thus we are now founding in France a society governed by the French 1901 regulation : Le Parc des Arts.

Our action is going several ways, with ever a free access for the artists who we’re displaying in NewWorldGrid CraftGrid (Internet 3D platform) or in France and who we’re helping to be more widely known :

  1. Looking for artists whose means and / or skills don’t allow them to exhibit their work through media, art shows or the internet.
    Support to them by :
    1. Developing a web site to introduce their work on the web site,
    2. Creating an email address in the format : "",
    3. Achievement of an exhibition under the internet 3D NewWorldGrid.
  2. Setting up artists’ exhibitions in NewWorldGridCraftGrid and in real life in parallel.
  3. Relaying cultural events on CraftGrid and NewWorldGrid, as Contemporary Art exhibitions , festivals…
  4. Arranging author-compositor concerts in Ineternet 3D, and making extracts available on the web site
  5. Permanency of the group solidarity : consulting, assistances, organization of artistic meeting either in NewWorldGrid, Craft Grid, either through the blog
  6. Development of a network culture between active members of the society so as to arrange exhibition tours in the towns/countries where they (the members) resides.
  7. Taking part of a binding and societal culture through 3 continuous exhibitions located in the second life place of the Parc : « Prévention SIDA »/“SIDA Prevention” (with the support of « Aides » and “Sida info service”), « développement Durable information »/“Durable Development Information” (with the support of MFQ, « Mouvement Français pour la Qualité ») and the exhibition « Tolerencia vivre ensemble ».
  8. Expression area available for the UPC (« Union des Photographes Créateur ») society, with the aim to regularly show exhibitions of author-photographers and to set up a place where to find information about the photography.

Here are our means of action in order to achieve all this :

  1. Founding of a society under the 1901 law, based in Bordeaux, France.
  2. Development of the internet web site in august 2008.
  3. Search and request for financial means : public subsidies from State/local area/Département, subscription of the real life society members.
  4. Withdrawal of the Imaginart and Mécen’art groups from second life, and founding of a new group : “Parc des Arts”.
  5. Rethinking and creation of the new concept of exhibition on the Merien sim before moving.
  6. According to the budgets, purchase of a Linden non-profit organization sim…
  7. Opening of a true cultural event in Second Life, a great photo festival : "Les 60emes de la photographie"/“The 60th of the photography”, exhibition of more than 15 professional photographers for two monthes. !!!
  8. Your ideas.....

Other actions to follow…

If you wish to follow us in Second Life, join the new group Parc des Arts (for free, of course). And meet us in the real life, if you want to take part in the life and the adventure of this new society !!!!

Thanks to all of you,

Katia Venegas and Chrsitophe Réati
(aka Formentera Voom and Yperfokal Allen )

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