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The Parc des Arts on facebook

Monday 29 September 2008, by dgue

The Parc des Arts sur facebook

The Parc des Arts is on faceBook since July 3rd, 2008.

What is Facebook ?

How does it work ?

As a social network, Facebook allows its users to show personal data and interact with other users, such as civil status, education and interests. This information allows users to find other users sharing similar interests. They can create groups and invite other people.

Interactions between members include correspondence and multimedia documents sharing.


Facebook offers its users optional features called "applications", represented by small boxes stacked on 2 columns which appear on the user’s page profile display.

These applications change the user’s display page and allow him to give information to people visiting this page. Such as :

  • A list of his friends.
  • A list of friends he has in common with other friends.
  • A list of networks to which the user and his friends belong.
  • A list of groups to which the user belongs.
  • A box giving access to pictures linked to the account of the user.
  • A "mini-feed" summarizing recent events about the user or his friends on facebook.
  • A "wall" allowing the user’s friends to leave short messages which the user can answer to.

The choice of applications to display is left to free choice of the user, who can add or remove some after having looked at the catalog, change the arrangement on the page, or hide some from public view .

Facebook is open to developers, who can develop new applications. About 5,000 existing applications.

Let’s meet there ?

The «Parc des Arts» on facebook

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